Caring for Our Neighbors and Our Community        

The Bay Harbor Foundation pursues its mission of improving the quality of life experience in Northern Lower Michigan and meeting the immediate needs of our community through our grant awards and scholarships. 

Our Program and Grant Committee spends a great deal of time and effort vetting, researching and interviewing potential grant recipients.  Our Committee Chair, Heather Frick, along with Committee Members, Carole Cobb, Debi Goodman, Lori Coates-Hay, Erika Keiswetter, and Executive Director, Candace Fitzsimons, welcome you to submit a grant proposal.

Our Scholarship Committee is very dedicated to helping our young people know how much they are valued and admired, and we believe that supporting them in their academic endeavors will allow all of us to share in their achievements.  Our Committee Chair, Carole Cobb, along with Committee Kathy Abrash, Cindy Brammer, Dee Isaac, Catherine Musto, Ann Stallkamp, and Executive Director Candace Fitzsimons welcome students to submit a Scholarship Application.  Scholarship applicants are requested to submit 7 complete copies of their application.

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